Permanent Brick Color Solution

Harris Masonry Inc. has been expertly trained and certified on installing the brick staining solution. With the combination of the proprietary bonding agent and color pigments, each staining project is custom blended to achieve your desired appearance.

How it works

When the stain is applied, a chemical bond happens between the stain and the brick. The bond does not clog pores of the brick, which allow the brick to still “breathe” and allows moisture to evaporate from the material, unlike paint, which would trap the moisture and quickly degrade the brick. Once dried, the stain will never peel, crack, or blister.

Revitalization of your project

While masonry is the longest-lasting building product on the planet, over time, masonry products can start to fade. With staining, we can restore the color of your brick or mortar to make it look brand new again.


Building a Lasting Impression

Doesn’t add a layer, and the permanent brick stain won’t need to be removed or reapplied

Natural Looking
Doesn’t leave a shine or look like brick paint

No harsh chemicals

No harsh fumes

Stain for brick does not destroy brick by sealing or trapping moisture

Unique and proprietary brick stain product has been proven to last 20+ years in the field

Works on all absorbent masonry including brick, mortar, block, stone, etc.

Unlimited brick stain color choices


When restoring a building to its original beauty, brick staining can be a cost-effective approach instead of tearing down and re-doing the masonry

Complaint Resolution

Off-colored runs installed on a residential or commercial building aren’t uncommon. Next time this happens, instead of tearing down the brick, give us a call for the more affordable and time-sensitive solution – brick staining.


Give your home a makeover to match your personal style, the right way. Each brick stain color is custom created based on your vision to give you a drastic color change or a subtle facelift with unique colors and patterns.


As long as the masonry is absorbent, we can stain bricks to match an existing structure, or color enhance the old brick to match the new addition.

Harris masonry Inc. services the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas, including State College, Altoona and more. We will be more than happy to take a look and provide guidance to help achieve the goals you have for your projects, all while providing a cost-free estimate!

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